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Kamanga, Blair Moses

Kamanga, Blair Moses

Serving at: Mozambique North Annual Conference, Maputo

Home Country: Malawi

Blair Moses Kamanga is a United Methodist missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries serving as the agriculture coordinator for the Mozambique North Annual Conference. He is currently based in Maputo, Mozambique.

Mr. Kamanga is highly skilled in agriculture, especially fieldwork concerning crop production, irrigation, animal production, monitoring and evaluation of agricultural activities. He has diverse experience training and teaching others, both formally and informal through demonstrations in the field. With a love of grassroot agriculture that started at an early age, he understands that food impacts everyone and conversations about food can lead to discussing the foundations of life. Poorly planned agriculture has a negative impact on whole communities and countries. Mr. Kamanga stresses this reality as he works with others to solve the root issues of agriculture challenges. He enjoys being a part of a larger agriculture initiative and learning from others.

In Mozambique, church agricultural projects are essential for generating income and for sharing with orphanages, clinics and other church-related institutions to provide nutritious foods. Mr. Kamanga plays a vital role in coordinating and overseeing agriculture projects and programs and training local farmers.

As a child, Mr. Kamanga attended a Malawi Assemblies of God church with his family, and he is still a dedicated a member of the Dzaleka Assemblies of God Church in Dowa, Malawi. At age 12, he was baptized. “The activities during my tender age,” he said, “made me to grow up in faith, knowing Jesus Christ as my personal savior.” In his congregation, he served as a youth leader and advisor, a deacon, a food and agriculture coordinator, and a lay preacher.

“My village is located very close to a refugee camp,” he said. Witnessing great suffering, he and a classmate sought ways to empower the people to help themselves. Some of the refugees asked Mr. Kamanga for advice on how to improve agricultural production. “I was providing extension services to local farmers and, at the same time, preaching,” he recalled. He was delighted to learn that Global Ministries “partners with agencies and individuals to alleviate human suffering; seek justice, freedom and peace; strengthen congregations and communities; and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

“Since then,” he added, “I have been involved with church activities, ranging from gospel conferences and evangelism, humanitarian activities and sustainable agriculture development. Through the journey, I have learned a lot of things, especially the problems our sisters and brothers are encountering because of wars, natural disasters, political injustice and gender-based violence.” He hopes that as an international missionary, he will change lives and learn new skills as he associates with people of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs unlike his own.

Born in Dowa, Malawi, Mr. Kamanga most recently lived in Lilongwe, Malawi. He earned a diploma in agriculture and natural resources management from the Natural Resources College of Malawi, 2009; a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture, University of Malawi, 2014; and a postgraduate diploma in Agrostudies (horticulture and irrigation), Ruppin Education Center, Israel, 2015; and a Master of Science degree in seed science and technology through Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia.

Prior to his present assignment, Mr. Kamanga was a research associate at Bogor Agriculture University (January 2018-October 2019), a crops development officer, Ministry of Agriculture (January-June 2016); and a community outreach coordinator, Tikondwe Freedom Gardens (June 2009-October 2015).

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