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Senegal Mission Initiative

Senegal Mission Initiative

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Project Information

Supporting pastors' growth in leadership and pastoral care, and providing congregational development

Describe the need affecting community
The leadership of the United Methodist Church in Senegal requires a constant reproduction of fully-qualified Ordained Pastors. This requires a clear path to ordination for those called to Ordained Ministry. Additionally, continued training and development must be provided for current pastors, both Lay and Ordained. Also, providing uniform, personalized development for all laity will provide a greater sense of connection, understanding, and unity for the United Methodist Church in Senegal. Finally, Ordained Pastors and their families cost of living needs supplemented.
How will this Advance project help to address the need?

The first annual meeting of the Senegal churches was held June 17, 2006, presided over by Bishop Benjamin Boni of Cote d'Ivoire. The Special Board for Pastors' Ordination in Senegal, meeting in Dakar on June 14 and 15, 2006, approved nine of the 11 lay pastors for ordination. At the following Annual Meeting, on June 19, 2007, these nine new UMC pastors were ordained and began their commitment to the church and all those thirsting for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Since that time, others have qualified for and been ordained. Numerous lay people serve God, the Body of Christ and their neighbors in three different areas: Church Development, Ministries of Service, and Economic Empowerment.

Describe the primary goal of the project

1. Develop and implement a process of preparing those called into Ministry that will meet the requirements as laid out by the United Methodist denomination. Begin at least one qualified individual on that path. 2. Provide four training events per year for Lay and Ordained Pastors in the areas of leadership and development. 3. Provide congregational development training to all laity of the Senegal United Methodist Church by the end of 2019. 4. Provide fundamental necessities for Ordained Pastors and their families.

Budget and Financial Information
Annual Advance Financial Goal
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Pastorial & Laity Trainings
shortfalls in Ordained Pastors salaries
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