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Bishop John K. Yambasu Agriculture Initiative

Bishop John K. Yambasu Agriculture Initiative

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Project Information

Mobilizing existing land and human resources within the church, improving community livelihoods and food security long-term, and moving toward sustainable financial solvency of United Methodist episcopal areas in Africa.

Annual Goal: $136,980.00

Year to Date Gifts: $100.00

Describe the need affecting community
Several small scale farmers and communities in Africa are food insecure due to unsustainable methods of production. Such farmers are dependent on high external inputs such as chemical pesticides and fertilizers which eventually degrade the environment and create further dependency and food shortages. Small scale farmers also keep livestock such as sheep and goats in unsustainable methods with inbreeding as a norm and high losses due to poor husbandry and health regimes. Small scale farmers also suffer the blunt of climate change that affects their yields adversely. The nutrition and health of farmers and their households in Africa are also generally poor due to the consumption of staple foods low in nutrition.
How will this Advance project help to address the need?

To improve the capacity of small scale farmers in Africa to make informed choices in sustainable agricultural practices that will produce safe food for such farmers, their families and their communities and also in sufficient quantities to make the farmers and their communities food secure and to improve their livelihoods. The Sustainable Agriculture and Development Program also focuses on improving the nutrition and health of farmers and their communities through exploring the promotion and use of cheap and affordable sources of nutritious plants in the diets of families and communities.

Describe the primary goal of the project

(a.) To improve the capacity of about 6,000 farmers in 6 countries in Africa to make informed choices in improving crop production through training in Integrated Pest management and organic agriculture practices. (b.) To educate and train 6,000 farmers in 6 countries in Africa in appropriate livestock breeding and management practices in order prevent livestock losses and improve meat production and availability to farmers and their communities. (c.) To improve the nutrition and health of over 8,000 farm families in 8 countries in Africa through the promotion of the use of Moringa and soy in diets of such families through training and follow up activities. (d.) To improve the income earning capacity of 300 farmers in 6 countries in Africa through the introduction and training in beekeeping and the subsequent production of marketable honey in those communities. (e.) To create awareness on environmental and climate change issues in Africa through seminars and trainings and tree planting activities.

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